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LTD premiums - tax-deductible or not?

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  • Feb 23rd, 2011 9:03 pm
Feb 23, 2010
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LTD premiums - tax-deductible or not?

We both paid LTD premiums through our employers. My wife was under my work health plan.

- Now i know that premiums paid to group plan are tax-deductible.
- Are LTD premiums paid by employee tax-deductible ( in other words are they eligible medical expenses)

Gotta pay CRA $600 and looking at ways to minimize tax payable.
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Mar 20, 2009
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No, not deductible.

The reasoning is that if you pay the taxes on the premiums now, then future possible claim payouts will be tax-free income. Otherwise it would count as taxable income at the time you receive the disability money, when you are less able to afford to pay the taxes.
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Dec 28, 2004
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They can be pre-tax dollars if your employer pays all of them. But you do not want that. Because of above's reason. If they are post-tax money any money you receive from the insurance is not taxable. So when you get 66% of your income you earn almost the same amount.
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Jan 27, 2007
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No, definitely not deductible or a tax credit that can be considered with medical expenses.

At this point the only thing you could probably consider is an RRSP contribution.