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LTE Plan compare - bell 5 GB $35 vs rogers $42 6GB - unlimited minutes and texting

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  • Dec 21st, 2012 9:36 pm
Oct 31, 2002
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LTE Plan compare - bell 5 GB $35 vs rogers $42 6GB - unlimited minutes and texting

I was researching this back in the days of 3G data... anyway Talkatone, MagicJack and then Dell Voice kinda sucked under 3G data.

On LTE, the VoIP phone calls are "good enough" to kill the RoBellus voice plans.
With a textplus or textfree account, you don't need to pay RoBellus texting charges.

So which plan looks good?

Option A - Bell's flex data plan. Get 5GB for $35/month. They give you a phone number with pay as you go rates. Don't use that number for calling.

Option B - Existing Rogers customers - 6GB for $30/month. They can reduce your voice to $12 pay as you go. For $42 you can get 6GB and you won't have to pay out your multi year contract.
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Mar 5, 2011
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I don't think that if i choose to slam any company by calling it "Robellus" I'd just go ahead and give them more business.

That seems pretty moronic to me.
Oct 31, 2002
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Robellus has a strangle hold on LTE. These are the lowest pricest u can get for LTE sevice.

I'm sure lots of RFDers are routing for Wind and friends....till then reduce what u pay Robellus.
Jul 1, 2007
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Does anyone have more information on using option A (Bell's flex data plan) on a phone? I just had an online chat with a Bell rep:

[Me]: Hi there. I'm wondering about your data plans for tablets -- can I use these plans for a phone, and be charged pay-as-you-go rates for telephone services?
[Hope]: No, you are not able to use tablet plans for Mobile phones.

Short and sweet, but not the outcome I was hoping for. I use maybe 20 voice minutes a month, but would use 200-500MB of data per month if available.
Oct 31, 2002
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Yes Bell will do this. They are the only ones out of the big three who will accommodate you. PM me if you want the store.
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Aug 2, 2004
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Rogers will do it to. I was able to get an emergency plan with unlimited texting and data

The emergency plan is $8 which they credit back to me, I pay $15 for BlackBerry data and unlimited SMS

I told them the user was deaf and mute and they gave me the deal
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