Just got this package in the mail, its quite interesting...

  • The company name is Destiny Research center
  • The spokesperson Maria Duval is "holder of the highest honorary awards and degrees"
  • She has got more than 40 years of accurate and verifiable predictions.
  • Has never failed to telepathically locate missing persons (more than 20 to date)
  • Ability to predict the future confirmed in experiments by the greatest scientific authorites
  • Has predicted hundreds of major events all around the world

In the package they also included bunch of "testimonials" from the bracelet wearers of their lottery winnings. All the pictures on the testimonial page are elderly people.

What's funny is their order form count an order as a "contribution" and not an order.

Kinda amazed at how much effort they took to create this package. I'm going to guess there is a sucker born every minute if they could afford to distribute these packages.

YES, the Magnetor Bracelet holds a secret: The amazing powers of bio-magnetism