MAM 11 Assessment Test

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Jan 19, 2010
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MAM 11 Assessment Test

What's the Canada Post's MAM 11 Assessment Test all about? What should I expect?
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Feb 9, 2010
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Hey SW,

Any Luck with some info. on this assessment?

I know you aren't obligated to help, but I've been called to do the same one.

I just got laid off a moth ago, have a kid on the way with no full time job or benefits.

I need every ounce of help possible.

Feb 9, 2010
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I'm wondering about the same question/info as well.

Jan 27, 2010
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Mississauga, Ontario…
See you guys on Tuesday, 1, 3, 5, _, _ :cheesygri
Jun 3, 2015
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Ottawa, ON
The MAM 11 assessment had changed over the years....It used to be both mechanical and electronics or electromechanical. In other words it was millwright / electronics technician. I heard a rumor that now the assessment is only electronics.

I could tell you the books to study for the MAM 10 tests witch is purely Millwright.

The Books you need to study from for MAM 10 are

TRAC Machining/Millwright Occupational Core

Trades Common core

Millwright Manual

Perhaps studying use the Millwright Manual Studying Guide from Queen's Printer

The sets of booklets are available through Queen's Printer are



Millwright Manual

Queen's Printer
Government Publication Services
563 Superior Street
PO Box 9452 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, British Columbia
V8W 9V7


1 800 663-6105

250 387-1120

If you are short on cash an American millwright book you can borrow from the library is called:

Audel Millwright & Mechanics Guide
All new 5th edition

written by Thomas Bieber Davis & Carl A. Nelson

Published by

Wiley Publishing, Inc

This book covers a fair bit of material including welding types and safety, Blacksmithing Carpentry, sheet metal work as well as most of the topics in the Millwright Manual. Although it encompass a lot of material there is no material handling system chapter in the Audel Book.

The IPT Manuals with Questions and Answers booklets are good to study mechanics.

These books include

IPT's Industrial Trades Training Manual
- Power Transmission Systems

Written by Bruce M. Basaraba

Published by
IPT Publishing and Training LTD

As well other books published under IPT include

IPT's Crane & Rigging Handbook/Training Manual

IPT's Pipe Trades Handbook & Training Manual

IPT's Hydraulics Handbook & Training Manual

IPT's Guide to Blueprint Interpretation

IPT's Metal Trades & Welding Handbook/Manual

IPT's Rotating Equipment Handbook/Manual

IPT's Electrical Handbook & Training Manual

IPT's Safety First Handbook & Training Manual

IPT's Industrial Fasteners Handbook/Manual

The Contact information for IPT is

Phone: 780.962.4548

Toll Free: 1.888.808.6763

Fax: 780.962.4819

Mailing Address:

IPT Publishing & Training Ltd.
Box 4323
Spruce Grove, AB CANADA
T7X 3B5

Alberta has millwright Independent Learning modules for the trades including Millwright.

The books for the millwright program range from $150 plus per module apprentice periods. You can also purchase the booklets from the 4 modules individually from a few dollars each booklet.

ILM Initiative
10th floor, Commerce Place
10155 - 102 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4L5
Fax: 780-422-7376

Also the millwright study guide is a brief study guide you could purchase Google: Millwright study guide.

This is an training site with definitions applicable to millwright.

If you were to take the MAM 11 assessment You would need to study electronics Digital and Linear text books as well as first year electronics technician books
Jun 3, 2015
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Ottawa, ON
It has been rumored that the MAM 11 assessment test is purely electronics. I could tell you some text books that I used in college back in 1998 when I graduated from a Digital electronics engineering technician program.

Experiencing Electricity and Electronics

Conventional Current Current Edition

by Mark E. Hazen

Published by
Sounders College Publishing.

Experiencing Electricity and Electronics is a very good passive circuit and first year electronics text book. Very Good text book in studying for the MAM 11

You should also purchase a text book or lab book regarding soldering and de soldering ......electronics assembly book

Microprocessors and Microcomputers: Hardware and Software (6th Edition)

by Ronald J. Tocci (Author), Frank J. Ambrosio (Author)

This edition is a newer than the one I studying in college but it still makes use of the motorola 68HC11 MPU,

Digital Fundamentals 6th edition
by Thomas L Floyd
published by Prentice Hall
This is a very good digital electronics course text book....It will definitely help you pass the MAM 11.

Electronics Principles
by Albert P. Malvino
GLENCOE, McGraw-Hill

Electronics Principles Text book is a very good Linear Electronics technician text book...It deals with transistors diodes, JFET, MOSFET, OP Amps, zener diodes etcs, transformers. Again very useful for the MAM 11

Upgrading and Repairing PCs
by by Scott Mueller

Published by
QUE, quecorp]

is a very good Computer Technician text book.

68 HC11 Reference Manual and programming guide
published by Motorola

These 2 HC11 books may not be required for the MAM 11 but is included in the college program.

Telecommunications Third edition
written by Warren Hioki
published by Prentice Hall

Telecommunications is a good digital telecom text book

If you are into telecom books...

Principles of Electronics Communication systems
by Louis E. Frenzel
published by

This text book is somewhat outdated regarding televisions...but the radio and fiberoptics and filters is a good read....but this wasn't in the program of study for electronics digital technician....but it is a really good telecom book.

For computer science course we used

An Introduction to programming using C++
written by
Kenneth C. Mansfield Jr. and James L. Antonakes
this was published by
Prentice Hall
This was part of the curriculum for digital electronics technician

The math text book for the electronics technician program was

Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus.
Metric Version, 6th Edition
written by
Allyn J. Washington

published by
Addison - Wesley Publishing Company
Basic Technuical Mathmatics with calculus is a good Math book...but you do not need it in order to study for the MAM 11 assesment.

The Physics book for the college technician program is

Technical Physics Fourth Edition

Written by

Bueche, Frederick/ Wallach, David L.

Published by

New York, Chichester, Brisbane, Toronto, Singapore

A good study guide for electronics although it is rumored that some questions are answered incorrectly
CET Study Guide
4th edition or higher.
written by
Joseph A Risse and Sam Wilson
published by
McGraw - Hill

Another good study guide text book is
Industrial Electronics CET Exam Study guide
written by
Sam Wilson
and published by
Finally a text book that may be helpful, though it wasn't part of my studying to be an electronics technician is the book

Industrial Electronics
written by James Maas
published by
Jun 3, 2015
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Ottawa, ON
Alberta has millwright Independent Learning modules for the trades including Millwright.

The books for the millwright program range from $150 plus per module apprentice periods. You can also purchase the booklets from the 4 modules individually from a few dollars each booklet.

Another book that could be useful for studying is

Modern Welding

Written by

Andrew D. Althouse - Carl H. Turnquist - William A. Bowditch - Keven E. Bowditch

Published by

South Hollond, Illinois



Another good source of study material you could use is the US Army Auto Mechanics CD ROM and the Navy Electronics Technician CD ROM. If you search Ebay to order them they should only cost less then 10 dollars.

The US Army Auto Mechanics CD ROM is good for the tricky questions including specific gravity of the Fully Charged lead acid battery and the Fully Discharged lead acid battery.

You can also purchase other mechanical fields of study military CD ROMs including Hydraulics, Diesel Mechanics, Air Craft mechanics, welding, lathe, milling machine, shapers, machinist, HVAC technician, layout, electrician, masonry, construction, auto mechanics etc

A lot of the mechanical trades overlap....though you might not need these CD ROMs for studying for the MAM 11 assessment they are good for a mechanical technician library.

Another CD ROM book you can purchase is the FAA Powerplant and Aircraft Mechanics text books....You can find these free on the internet on the FAA website.

Of course you can find most of these pdf files on the internet but you have to worry about viruses if you search for them.

The College Online Bookstores has many of the books I mentioned for the MAM 10 / MAM 11 Assessment Test....With regards to Millwright training.

Two Books I haven't Mentioned so Far are:

Industrial Hydraulics Manual Eaton ISBN 978-0-9788022-0-2Copyright 10 Publisher Eaton Binding Hardback

Machinery's Handbook, 30/E Oberg ISBN 978-0-8311-3091-6 Copyright 16 Publisher Ind Press Edition 30 Binding Hardback
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