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Feb 20, 2006
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[quote="GunnerX" post_id="9897529" time="1260215585" user_id="7344"]Went to Marine Land for the first time this year. Will never go back there again. The animals are quite abused and their funds are really low. The deer park lacked any green grass and the deers themselves had some serious skin issues. Half of their aquarium share the same water and there was a virus which spread throughout. The goldfish lost all their scales and a lot of them had hole virus on their sides. It was quite sickening to see. However, here are some pictures while we were there. Sorry for being a downer.
I'm no biologist but for the deers they do lose their coat and when they are in the process of it they do look very weird like someone randomly shaved spots on them. They do have vegitation in the part of the park that you don't have access to, I imagine that part of the pen is vegetation free because there are so many vistiors that it would all be trampled and die anyways. It'd be nicer if they had more shaded areas for them. I hope that they cycle their animals too so they don't have to put up with people everyday.

The goldfish I have no idea, if they have a hole in their side then they are pretty much dead, and you can't see a virus, just the effects from it. If the water they share is for all the fish exhibits, ie the freshwater ones it is easier and better to control one large pool of water then it is to try and control and stabilize 50 tanks of 50-100L of water.

The bears do look a bit sad to see : /
Nov 5, 2009
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[QUOTE] then it is to try and control and stabilize 50 tanks of 50-100L of water.

Sorry, just a minor threadjack, but when I read that, first thing that came to my mind was which canon lens were you talking about. Ok, I'm being stupid. Will go lurk again.

Back to the topic. :razz: