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Locked: [FS] Massive Xbox 360 Jtag collection

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  • Nov 8th, 2016 11:49 am
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Dec 29, 2003
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Massive Xbox 360 Jtag collection

I'm selling my collection of JTagged Xbox 360's
Most are in pristine condition. I was very anal in taking care of them.
Some have components that are still new in package, like the controller for the resident evil system.
Most were only used for lan parties, which probably means used a maximum of 10-12 times
Some have upgraded components, like larger harddrives.
What's included;
4 Jtagged consoles with their parts (Gamepad, powerbar, headset etc.) These are all working and in very good to pristine condition.
1 modded original xbox 360, which is banned on xbox live (none of the others are, as far as I know), but is otherwise working. console only, but I may have the power adapter for it. I don't remember if the DVD drive is modded, or it is Jtagged, or both.
1 xbox 360 (i believe Jasper) which I've labelled as Live, non-Jtag, but I don't for the life of me remember having any non-jtagged xboxes, so it may have been jtagged. It hasn't been touched in years, so even if it's not jtagged, it may be able still to, as the dashboard hasn't been updated in years.
1 xbox 360 for parts. I think it has the red ring of death, but I'm not sure.
3 wireless adapters.
***This is sold AS-IS.***
Do not ask me to start turning them on and answering questions like which dashboard it's on.
You are free to all the dvd's I have related to xbox stuff.
This is in Montreal
I'm not shipping this anywhere as the cost would be quite high as this is heavy.
I'm asking $800 for the lot, but I'll take serious offers into consideration.

email me at or PM me here.
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