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Locked: [McDonalds] Free ice cream (and maybe more) at McDonalds

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Dec 12, 2009
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[McDonalds] Free ice cream (and maybe more) at McDonalds

I went through the drive-thru at McDonalds in Peterborough today. I had already eaten supper; all I wanted was an ice cream cone, so that's what I ordered.
On the sign it says "1.59." But on my bill it said "1.79." If this was a typical retail store, the Scanning Code of Practice would result in a free product up to a value of $10. So I thought I'd give it a try...
I park, then walk into the store. I show the clerk my bill and say, "The sign outside says '$1.59.' I was charged too much."
The clerk gets a manager, who confidently says, "The prices on our system were changed recently. We haven't been able to change the sign yet. But $1.79 is the correct price."
I reply, "No, according to Canadian law, the advertised price is always the correct price. You can't advertise one price, then charge the customer more when they come in the store. That's illegal. You're breaking the law."
Manager, somewhat taken aback: "Would you like a refund?"
Me: "Yes, please."

Background: the clerk said that corporate headquarters updates the prices on their cash registers to their summer prices. They have no control over that. But they obviously haven't got around to changing the sign outside. So there may be other items on the menu which are in the same situation. So... if you notice a discrepancy between what you saw on the sign and what you paid, post it here so others can get more free stuff from McDonalds!
This obviously won't last more than a few days.
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hopsoid wrote:
May 20th, 2018 10:54 pm

I agree it is an odd post. But, credit to the OP, McDs shouldn't be doing this. I had something similar happen to me last year or year before even. The price said one thing and then they charged me something else. The cashier seemed to be annoyed by it to when I mentioned it. She said to let head office know because it comes up all of the time and it is frustrating for them too.
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This isn’t a freebie.
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Jan 3, 2014
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You should note that almost every big brand will have a disclaimer on their poster that says something like advertised prices are not the final amount and may include taxes or subject to error.
Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.
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Aug 20, 2009
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OP while the effort is appreciated, this is not a freebie. I could move it to Shopping Discussion or Food but people will probably have fun with it at your expense if I do. So instead I am locking it.