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Men's Watch (Deciding b/w 3)

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Nov 19, 2018
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Men's Watch (Deciding b/w 3)

Hi, I'm not big on wrist watches and currently own a Samsung Galaxy S3 classic (smart watch) and an old Seiko from early 1990s that my grand father gave me a while back. I tend to use the smart watch mainly for the ability to customize the face and not necessarily for its "Smart" features. I recently came across a set of watches on Massdrop and Amazon and leaning toward grabbing one (or two). I like the idea of automatic movement watches though heard they are not as precise as basic quartz movement. That said, If I wanted to check the "accurate" time, I would look to my phone as opposed to my wrist watch, so the up keep and maintenance of an automatic movement is not a deal breaker.

Here is a list of watches in order of my personal preference, and would appreciate any input from someone experienced in either one of these brands and best bang for buck.
(Note: I did look up each individual model though was not able to find any apple to apple comparison to give me a better understanding of which one trumps in quality over visual appeal)

1) Seiko "Fifty Fathoms" SNZH Watch (SNZH53J1, SNZH55J1, SNZH57J1). As I mentioned before, I do own an old Seiko watch and it appears to have an automatic movement as well and haven't had any trouble with it mechanically, so would be nice to upgrade to another Seiko for "sentimental" purposes. All 3 models appear to be identical in function and dimensions, only difference being the colour.

Listed on Massdrop for $149.99 USD + Tax (Retails for $295) (Pictures and additional details)

2) Victorinox Chrono Classic Quartz Watch (241493, 241121) I have not heard much about Victorinox, though understand its a sister company to the well known Swiss Army brand. Its a Quartz movement, (241121) version looks nice and has additional features like 1/10 second meter, half hour meter, etc. The watch retails for $550 apparently, hence why I'm a little intrigued as to why, and on paper it appears to be a really good deal.

Listed on Massdrop for $139.99 USD + Tax (Retails for $550-apparently) ... atch#specs

3) Panzera Flieger 2017 Automatic Watch. Its a good looking automatic movement watch, at 47mm its slightly bigger than the above 2 at ~ 42-44mm. Aside from that, I have never heard of this brand nor have any idea about its quality compared to the two above. Retails for $545 USD.

Listed on Massdrop for $259.99 USD + Tax (Retails for $545) ... atch#specs

These are currently my top 3 picks that are reasonably priced, I'm sure there are better watches out there though I've decided to pick b/w the three as I'm not looking to invest a lot of time researching something not necessarily worth my time (I tend to over think and spend weeks if not months before purchasing the simplest things). I would apprecaite any and all input,

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Get the Seiko. Of the three, it's the only one I consider made by a real watch maker.

FYI I bought a Seiko SNZF on massdrop earlier this year, for 149$, and I just sold it for 100$ this week. I also bought a Seiko sarg011 from Seiya Japan last year and sold for the same price I bought it for last week!

I've got one of these coming now:

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Why buy through massdrop? TBH you can get same or better prices after USD/CAD conversion from Amazon or even ebay when they have the coupons. Just a word of advice never take MSRP seriously, nobody pays inflated MSRP except for limited edition or rare and ultra-luxury watches.

Can't go wrong with the Seiko, the blue one in particular is a very good looking watch with a solid movement (black one is $210 at amazon, blue 230).

Victorinox has some respectable watches, as do Tissot and Hamilton.

Ever considered Citizen? There are many quartz watches that are solar-powered and automatically sync the time from a radio signal. If you provide a budget I could make some suggestions
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