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Jul 6, 2017
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fishscale4sale wrote:
Jul 25th, 2017 5:54 pm
Hmm, I don't really see it as throwing us under the bus, it even says if it is unsafe to park we can avoid the stop. If anything a lot of posties will now be using this as a legitimate reason to go into OT since it is a safety issue, or as a reason to be bringing back mail/parcels.
EDIT: ^^^ SEE?

But the tone of the message is a bit much, it makes it sound like CP management are barking these orders at us using the word 'expected' especially..
It really bothers me when companies cave in to social media pressure. It's a "customer is always right" mentality that usually results in the employees looking bad and taking shit, while the twee hipster social media "activist" claims victory and garners likes.
I used to work for a very large parking management company and they had a complete double standard with social media. If someone wanted to argue a parking notice or payment issue and used the regular channels of phone or email they would have to wait their turn and their situation would be reviewed and the appropriate action would be taken. Most people arguing their parking notices are actually in the wrong and the notice is typically enforced. However if someone complains via Twitter, the company immediately jumps all over it, apologizes profusely and cancels the notice or issues a refund without question. Again, the arguer was usually in the wrong.
CPC already considers letter carriers, the backbone of the corporation, to be lowlifes. These kinds of social media exchanges are just going to put us in a worse light.
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Jan 16, 2017
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Yes. You can easily imagine people start complaining about that they don't have their parcels ready at RPOs even the cards saying they'll be there for the customers to pick up at 1pm next day bc LC couldn't find a parking spot....

Then what?

It's not that we want to park at bike lanes.
We don't have time to find a parking spot for forever or park at somewhere far and walk back and forth.

We didn't design where SLBs and RPOs should be.
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Apr 30, 2015
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York, ON
Hey if they actually do give more time values to park in different spots for rpos,slbs and pickups it's great. But when it comes to parcel drops there isn't really a solution. They won't change the values for those. Carding everything isn't a permenant solution, and it's the carriers on the street that have to deal with the public abuse and complaints that will happen. The naming and shaming of people on social media who are just trying to do their jobs is really over the top and needs to stop.
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Oct 16, 2014
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Interestingly, about the bike lanes, CP says that staff have been notified that we will not be parking in bike lanes. In other news, this has not been discussed at our depot. Perhaps CP let one of the workers know and hoped the word would spread? Maybe it's because it only applies to Toronto, and all other bike lanes are still free game? Lol, just another day in the gong show.....
Apr 30, 2017
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Is appointment to full-time from part time done in batches, or are the positions filled individually as they open up?
Jul 6, 2017
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timetotellthetruth wrote:
Jul 27th, 2017 9:40 pm
LOL, look what I just found after making that last post.... ... in-toronto

It's TRUE!!! They want us to keep breaking the law everywhere else.....LOL, I would say it is unbelievable, but we all know that this is the kind of leadership we can expect.....
Once again, we're fighting against the fact that the general public is ignorant of what our job entails and of course the corporation is unwilling to educate. I wish the columnist had interviewed an actual letter carrier, or at least a CUPW representative, to give a balanced view of the issue. I used to be a newspaper reporter and that's what I would have done.
Funny how in the column it's mentioned that it's okay for public employees who are "working in the street" to stop in bike lanes. Isn't that exactly what letter carriers are and what we are doing?
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Jan 5, 2014
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I bet that truck in the bike lane wasn't even making a delivery. The driver probably had to pull over cuz the step van was 100 degrees inside and was about to pass out. I had a conversation with a UPS driver about how they are allowed to drive with stepvan doors open. They apparently told the company to install air in all the trucks and they refused. Their union said screw you and decided they would drive with the doors open then...
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Jun 26, 2008
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We had a meeting on Wednesday this week to discuss the bike lane issue and a copy of the memo.

Promotion from PT to FT is usually done in batches from what I've seen. Most people if they put in transfer for who got PT only stay PT for 2 months max before getting FT.

I drive with the step van door open because it is too hot otherwise. I do close it when I'm close to the depot. lol I did once have my water bottle fly out the door while turning...
Jul 28, 2017
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Hey All,

Just got pt lc status. However I'm a little nervous about it. I have been a temp msc for the last year and a bit, I started out as an temp lc but transferred after 5 months. Is there anyway I could request to be put on a lc refresher course?

Jul 28, 2017
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Hi everyone!

I've been hired as a temp and I'm super new. I've had a few jobs already. I'm wondering when does the soreness go away and when will I get speedier? Also, does anyone have any funny noobie moments they'd like to share?

Thank you :)


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