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Aug 11, 2008
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They're really aren't any "strats" when shopping for a new rate.. as qeokilla mentioned.. try to combine your property with the auto, Calling a Broker will allow them to shop their markets for the best rate that suits your needs. A Broker has multiple companies in their office vs an agent who works for the company they are quoting and will never be able to shop around for better rates for you.
Winter tire discounts can be applied, but you must have them on the vehicle before usually Dec 1st and must keep them on til around March or April 1st to qualify.
If you are unsure of your lic dates, go to service ontario and request a drivers history report. This will give you the exact date of the G1, G2 and G
If you have physical damage coverage on your vehicle (collision & comp), perhaps increase the deductibles.
Some companies offer a discount if you pay in full vs monthly.. ie intact offer this discount.
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Mar 13th, 2018 10:58 pm
Tried searching for this, but 494 pages too much to go through even with keyword search.

What strategies are used to lower insurance rates in Ontario? I will be going over what I need, shopping around, but how can I negotiate a good rate?
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