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Jun 21, 2017
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Anytime after 3:30 p.m. is not a good time if you are not a confident driver. At the end of the day, examiners become tired and impatient with marginal drivers. Your instructor asked for $300 to take you to Oshawa, considering the time he needs to take you there and back, it's almost half a day's work.
Jun 21, 2017
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$52.50 is what the government charges drivers for the fee. $300 is what the instructor charges for bringing you there and use his car for the test, if you can use your own car, you have to pay $0.
Apr 1, 2011
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Does anyone know how the G1 exist for Port Union is? Any routes? I'm so nervous! Is it a good place to book?
Jun 26, 2017
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Etobicoke G2 Exit (G exam) Route 2017. Passed on first try.

1) Exit exam centre and make a right on Eglinton.
(There's a sidewalk sign on the left that blocks your view. So be sure to inch up and check that the way is clear before turning. It will be a sharp right turn BTW.)

2) Drive on Eglinton towards Renforth Dr., do a left and right lane change in between.
(Speed limit is 60 km/h here I believe)

3) Turn right on Renforth
(Slow down and go 40 km/h. Turn your head left and right at the crosswalk)

4) Make a left on Eringate.
(40 km/h, then 50 km when you see the 50 km speed limit sign. Don't go 50 until you pass this sign)

5) Turn right on Margrath Pl., the last side street before entering Hwy 427

6) Make a 3 point turn, and then an emergency stop on this small street.

7) Continue driving and turn right onto Eringate and enter Hwy 427.

8) Merge onto Hwy 427, do a left and right lane change on the highway

9) Exit at Burnamthorpe, then keep on the middle lane to make a left turn on Burnhamthorpe Rd.

10) After the turn, IMMEDIATELY change 2 lanes to the right and enter Hwy 427 again

11) Do a left-right lane change on the highway

12) Exit at Eglinton Avenue WEST (not East, it's after the East exit. Then the exit ramp will curve and you'll need to change to the right turning lane while on the curve.)

13) Turn right on Eglinton
(Speed limit 60 km/h)

14) Do a left-right lane change

15) Turn right on Matheson
(Go 50 km/h here as there is construction)

16) Move over to the right lane when you see the road turn into two lanes.
(Go 60km/h after you reach the 60 km speed limit sign)

17) Turn left on Orbitor.

18) Make a right on Eglinton.
(Don't hit bicycle lane)

19) Turn left at the exam centre.

20) Do parallel parking in between two cones (some examiners make you do parallel parking at the start of the exam)

21) Forward park into a parking spot on the left. Done.


*EXAGGERATE HEAD MOVEMENTS when checking mirrors. Aim for every 10 seconds on the road and 5 seconds on the highway. It's OK if you miss a few checks, don't stress out about it but try to do it as often as you can. You want to look like an observant driver.

*Reverse into the parking spot before your exam

*Scan all intersections and roads that you pass

*When making a turn, left-right-left (or right left right) check, blind spot check, and inch up to make sure the way is clear

*When making a left turn at an intersection with opposing traffic, make sure you position yourself so that you can see all opposing traffic but keep your wheels straight. I couldn't see beyond the truck that was turning left on opposite side because I didn't position myself properly, so I waited to be safe and was stuck there for a few seconds. Instructor made a comment but I still passed.

*I merged highway at 85-90 km/h but made sure to accelerate and keep 100 km/h once I was on the highway. Turn your signal on as soon as you enter acceleration lane / leave the ramp

*STAY CALM and CONFIDENT, it's better to make little mistakes than be nervous and make dangerous mistakes. The goal is to make your examiner feel safe in the car with you. They don't like nervous drivers. If you think you screwed up stay calm and finish the exam as if you made no mistake at all (as I mentioned I thought I failed due to taking too long to make the left turn but I passed).
Jul 10, 2017
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I also passed G2 exit exam (G license) at Etobicoke

Here is my actual route, ... !1e1?hl=en

Was really helpful to try the route before the actual exam so you are familiar with the roads, speed limits and what else to be familiar with. I did try a similar route i found here few days before my exam.

First take, no instructor, used my own car. But i've been driving in highway and comfortable alread with 401 and 427 so I didn't bother going to outskirts just to pass the drive test.

Some of my mistakes that the examiner discussed with me:
- When exiting to highway, you should already be looking on your side to check the traffic and incoming vehicles
- I missed turning my head on few occasions for blind spots, the examiner caught all these
- When turning left, be sure to stay on the correct lane, then afterwards, move to the lane where the examiner points out.

Good luck, just sharing coz i got the old route and some tips here before my exam.
Jul 12, 2017
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What is the route for the G2 road test in Peterborough, ON? I have my G1 and I'm taking this drivers to get my G2.
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Apr 8, 2010
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anyone recently do the G test at oshawa? How was it / route info?

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Apr 21, 2004
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Is it better to take the G1 exit in Burlington or Oakville?
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Apr 21, 2004
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marcm6246 wrote:
Feb 27th, 2013 11:51 pm
Anyone in Burlington who is taking their G1 exit test, here are 3 routes I know are confirmed as official potential routes. I took the stanley, fisher and pettit route today and failed :'( But I still remember the route! Here you are:
The route would not have remained the same after four years, correct?
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Oct 26, 2009
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alanbrenton wrote:
Jul 13th, 2017 12:57 pm
Is it better to take the G1 exit in Burlington or Oakville?
It really doesn't matter which location however some centres are busier than others. I took my G in Burlington.
Jul 21, 2017
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Can anyone provide the latest G drive test route for Simcoe?
Jul 30, 2017
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DarkEvilKen...although your M test post was a year ago...that Newmarket route (posted by someone else) was for a G test, right? You were not asked to do a 3 point turn on a motorcycle, were you? Just asking cuz I'm one of those people who freak out/frozen when tested no matter how well I know the stuff. Knowing or an idea of the route is just one less thing to stress about.


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