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[Merged] Reminder! Code of Practice: Scanner Price Accuracy

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  • Aug 11th, 2017 4:30 am
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Dec 3, 2009
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Exactly. 7.1 often leads to 7.2 in the complaint process.
Remember to be an RFD-er and NOT a degenerate.
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May 23, 2014
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User381785 wrote:
Jul 16th, 2017 1:28 pm
I worked in retail for years. While this is technically policy, most stores won't honour this practice
Yea every store will honor it w me. It's not even a question. create lineups and speak authoritatively. Bulldozer mode
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May 23, 2014
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Jul 21st, 2017 1:35 pm
Just went shopping at 401 Games in Toronto.

The game, 7 Wonders had a sticker on it for 37.99. It was on a shelf with a few others all listed at 59.99

I took it to the register and they refused to honour the 37.99. Said it was priced wrong and that the loss they would take would be to significant, so they wouldn't honour that price.

I questioned about the SCOP, and he just kept refusing.

Was I in the wrong? If no, what should I, or would you do?

Of course he was in the wrong. Speak loudly

This is unethical and smells of a scam, give me head offices phone number I'll be contacting them and the scoop retail council plus BBB and writing a review on yelp.

Hint : actually do the above so after the backlash they'll treat ppl like u properly. Oh and you'll get ur game for $27.99. I've heard this selling for a loss thing when items r priced regularly at some sdm's but never when it's priced in store. You got bullied lol.
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May 23, 2014
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Aling wrote:
Jun 25th, 2017 8:54 pm
Help! I just came back from Sobeys and bought 1.705 kg of Organic Green Cabbage scanned in at $6.59 /kg ($11.24) but Shelf price was $4.39 / kg which comes out to $7.48. Cashier checked with head Manager and she told me I'll give you one pound free? She only gave me 1 lb = 0.450 kg (=-$2.97) instead of the full 1.705 kg @ 4.39 /kg free ($7.48). She said that's what it says in her "books"? Should I get the full -$7.48 free instead of minus $2.97 . If yes then they owe me $4.51. I've never heard of this one pound free. This is how it looked on my reciept: Produce Item Return -$2.97(for the one lb free at the scanned higher price) then +$7.48 for the shelf price. Sorry for the rant..
You got dumb talked into getting a bad deal. Do you homework and never get bullied again
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May 23, 2014
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ambujakshi wrote:
Feb 5th, 2017 5:40 pm
Was at Walmart today - wheat thins whole grains flavor price tag shows 2.24, but scans at 2.47. Took a pic and showed it to the cashier. Some a**hat was in hurry and getting impatient when the cashier wanted to verify the price tag in person / through an associate. He started saying "omg, can't believe people are haggling for 25 cents" and told the cashier that he'll just give 25 cents to keep the line moving.

I kept my calm and waited for the cashier to verify the price . After verifying the price, she changed the price to 2.24, but I told her it should be free. She finally gave it for free, but the guy behind me starTed making more remarks, but I didn't even make eye contact and left store.

What would you have done? Would you have been embarrassed in this situation ?
It depends of your afraid or not afraid of confrontation. Most people should avoid the guy behind u but by all means get ur discount . I'd hold up the lineup longer by claiming something else was cheaper n having the cashier call a runner also replying to every moan n Groan by the guy behind me. As long as I don't think he's got a weapon on him and I'm not with someone who'd it cause anxiety in. Confrontation is my serenity so I'm cool as a cucumber and it'll teach that person a lesson.
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May 23, 2014
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minimalist wrote:
Dec 3rd, 2016 4:42 pm
My experience with SCOP is that you always have to ask (fight) for it and the cashiers never offer it when they admit there is a scanning error. They will just change the price to the lower price on the shelf. When you ask for SCOP they will often either 1. Give you attitude 2. Give you some stupid excuse why you don't qualify or 3. Tell you it has to be done at Customer Service.

I recently had a SCOP situation at Superstore self checkout. When I first told the cashier about the price difference I said "I get $10 off if the price is found to be wrong, right?" (it was a $15 item) and she said "yes".

Another employee confirmed that there was a price error over the phone and the self-checkout cashier just corrected the price to $15. I said "I thought you just said it would be $10 off?" and she said "The supervisor over the phone told me to just change to the price to $15." WTF? Not only do they not offer it upfront when they're wrong but even if I confirm the SCOP they still don't give it to me? Give me a break! Then she says you'll have to pay for it and then go to CS to get the SCOP.

I gird myself for a fight everytime I have to do SCOP. The cashiers, really, really don't want to give it and will give you any stupid excuse they can think of. What's the big deal? The money's not coming out of their pocket and the policy is very clear.
If I'm not strapped for time, I'd instruct the cashier to cAll the supervisor over so I can educate him her
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May 23, 2014
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gh05t wrote:
Aug 21st, 2016 12:55 pm
Not the First time denied SCOP at Metro.

Price of Miracle Whip scanned incorrectly as $5.99 when it was $3.99 on the shelf. Cashier gives attitude that she guarantees that it's not the price I say.

She goes to the shelf and brings the tag back to her superior. She decides to give it at the lower price. This is my normal experience at Metro instead of giving it for free under SCOP.

I ask her about SCOP. She said SCOP does not apply because I did not buy multiples. She said I would have gotten the first one free and the others at the reduced price. I asked her if she was sure about this as I know the SCOP rules states that if it's one item and under $10 it should be free. She said yes she was sure that her way was correct.Lol

No sense arguing as other people in line and only cashier on a Saturday night.

Too bad no recourse except not to shop there anymore. Returned last Friday and different cashier leaves to go sell lotteries keeping me waiting for couple minutes.

This Stockyards location is closest to my home but won't be returning.

A positive SCOP story I witnessed at Freshco Bloor and Dundas where the cashier immediately gave the cheese to the customer for free although the customer knew nothing about SCOP.

When I spoke to the cashier, she said it was good customer service in being honest and not cheating customers so they return. Kudos to her.
I woulda told the cashier " you've already been proven wrong once, do you really want to make that twice?"

The fact that you didn't wanna argue n train the cashier cause of social pressure from customers in the lineup n it being a friday night makes it a fair outcome for you. People are so afraid to stand up for themselves these days lol .
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May 23, 2014
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ayeung wrote:
Oct 3rd, 2016 5:18 pm
Was at No Frills today and two of the items (same product, different flavour) I bought were on sale but scanned in at regular price. She sent someone to check with someone else and confirmed they should be scanned as lower price. I asked if I could get one item for free and the cashier said no as SCOP does not apply if the item is in their flyer.

I did not want to argue with her and went to the customer service and asked if it is a new policy. The cashier then yelled across the floor "don't give it to her for free. It is not free. I already told her the item is in the flyer so it is not free. Cxx the manager said that two days ago. It is not free".

My question are:
- Is it true if the item is in the flyer, then SCOP does not apply?
- If SCOP should applies, does the free item (under $10) apply to one of the two items only or both items since they have two different barcodes (sort of the same product but different flavour)?
She made bs up and fed it to u or told you bs she was taught.

I'd speak just as loud to her saying headoffice will be re training her then proceeded to show actual policy's off the scoop website. Also telling the csr agent how bad cashier is. You gotta be authoritarian with people who r wrong and meet them at the hill for verbal battle