Mojo Master. FREE game from AXE deordorant (Unilver) & Wild Tangent

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Jan 17, 2005
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Mojo Master. FREE game from AXE deordorant (Unilver) & Wild Tangent

Before I go into the post, I'm letting you know that this game was developed by WildTangent, and they're known for having programs auto-start once you've installed something they've made (since the Winamp days.)

AXE deordorant had a contest/reality show with 2 guys travelling around, trying to "pick up women." The moves, both successful & unsuccessful were used in this game. The free game has over 100 girls in 7 citites, and will feature multiplayer in the fall.

Many faces have been slapped, many drinks dumped on heads, and many relationships ruined in the name of MOJO MASTER - the fantasy game of seduction. Countless hours have been logged observing social encounters between guys and girls, attempting to better understand the female species, and determining what makes a playa a playa. These laborious studies have given birth to seduction theories that are for experts only. These theories have been applied to a virtual construct - a video game the likes of which you have never seen - that lets you let loose in a fantasy world populated by 100 TOTALLY HOT 3D GIRLS! These girls are NO PUSHOVER. Each unique girl is derived from a personality matrix called The Seduction Compass. You'll be armed with hundreds of over-the-top moves that could either boost your game with a girl or get you slapped, depending on how well you understand the Compass. Be one with the Seduction Compass, build a solid repertoire of moves, win over all 100 girls, and you will be THE MOJO MASTER.

Teaser, preview, & trailer links. ...... download link

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