Most Loving Cat Breeds

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  • Jun 14th, 2018 12:21 pm
Mar 11, 2017
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We got a sphynx. I'm more a dog person, but this cat is the best. It will fetch. Sleep under the covers... very affectionate.
Jan 29, 2018
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My Bengal is very loving. She loves our son so much that if he's sleeping she would meow at the door to try and get in to sleep with him(not the best as he was a baby)
Apr 17, 2018
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I have a Norwegian forest cat and even though he likes being independent at times, he's still a lovebug and demands attention, pets and cuddles :) My first cat and best the one yet. :)
Jan 24, 2018
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most loving cat breeds will all be expensive. do you have money to spend on an expensive cat? you're lookinag at $300+ easy

most loving i'd say are russian blue, siamese, and sphynx.

i have had the opportunity to be around almost all cat breeds.
Jul 7, 2017
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My wife grew up with a whole host of generic cats (DSH + a very few long) but never had cats of her own until last year. We also pet sat several cats. More "affectionate" was what the owners called a part Ragdoll which we now know should be classified as a Ragalong (Ragdoll derivative with looser appearance criteria). Like another poster noted, this one stalked the laps of anyone who sat down.

We got a Ragdoll (bicolour) late last year and another (mitted sealpoint) early this. Very affectionate though one generally prefers to be near you than on you. Solo, they might be good follow-you-around companion animals. And yes, even to the toilet. They seem to like to roll over to get their bellies rubbed (we saw that with other cats at the breeders, not directly related to ours). With more than one, they may be more like cats and play/explore together. They're also not meant to be outside cats. Strictly indoor or only outside with supervision.