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Most stupid policy, useless customer service, never buy anything from HP

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  • Dec 4th, 2013 10:25 am
Oct 2, 2011
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Most stupid policy, useless customer service, never buy anything from HP

Missed the delivery from purolator yesterday and called them to redirect my package to one of their store close to my home since they always send my package to their shipping centre far away. It happened a lot of times before and never had the problem. Purolator redirected fast and I can pick up my stuff the day after.

But this time they told me the sender, Igram Micro, not allow them to do that and I need to call them. at this point I still have no idea where the package from. I called the Igram Micro by using the number purolator gave me. And after the long waiting, finally the package is from HP and I need to call HP to make the redirection. Called the number Igram Micro gave me, french????? What the hell? whatever, I explained the whole story again, and the french speaking lady transfer me to another department. and then explained the long story again. this time the guy told me my package has not yet shipped. I went to their order page and he is right, no tracking #, order status still submitted. But he said the department the french lady transferred to is not correct, he can't look into my order detail information. He told me to call hp canada shopping centre and maybe they can help. I made the call. the guy not even let me finish my request and told me they can't do it. they can't change the shipping address. WTF, after an hours calling calling calling and explain my request again an again, finally I lost my patience and hung up the phone directly.

when I calmed down after, I thought there is chance this package is not from HP since their system show my stuff not been shipped out yet. So I called Igram Micro again. But they confirmed its from HP. And again, they can't do anything I need to call by myself. I decided to make last try. the guy answered me same as the one before, impatient and unceremonious. I told him my request again. He said the same and told me they can't change the shipping address blablabla. after explained him its not changing address just from one purolator centre to another. he still doing the same reaction like I was talking to a robot. I told him to put his manager on the phone. he kept repeat that no gonna change anything and finally he put me on hold. in the end, he came back and said after talking to his manager he will give it a try. but when I go pick up the package I need to show my bill blablala.

this is no doubt the worst shopping experience ever I have. the crapy online system, it still showing me nothing right now. and their worst customer service. The guy from HP canada shopping centre is impatient and rude. He seems not listening and not willing to help the customer at all. personally I wont buy anything from hp again, and I work in IT department of our company I will avoid buying anything from them. even their product is good but their careless attitude to their customer.........................