Naive questions about "moving" to another country?

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May 6, 2005
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Naive questions about "moving" to another country?

I'm currently exploring the opportunity to go to New Zealand under a working holiday visa, which I believe lets me be there for up to 2 years. I've moved into downtown Toronto from outside the city, but have otherwise never "moved". I could store some possessions in my mom's house while I'm gone, but moreso I'm sort of wondering the best approach to actually get there with my stuff?

Not quite sure just how mobile vs stationary I'll be throughout the two years, but my thinking right now is I wouldn't be in 1 place for longer than 6 months.
  1. Do I bring my clothing for all the seasons? Winter clothes I'd just have to store somewhere for half the year? But I won't have a fixed address. I guess I could do something like self storage? But although the islands aren't huge, I could be a good distance away when the seasons change.
  2. Looking to do lots of photography. On my previous trip there I had to figure out a way to get my carry-on under weight, and it was CLOSE. Given that I'd be there far longer, I don't want to sacrifice which gear to leave at home. Still super concerned about putting gear in checked luggage (plus, if I did a pelican type of case, I can't just lug that around with my throughout my movements in NZ?)
  3. There is a chance I'd have a converted campervan during my time there, which eases in bringing stuff with me as I move but also puts a limit on the amount of stuff that might reasonably fit...
  4. Should I plan to bring all I need with me, plan to purchase things there, or plan to ship things back+forth to home, via FedEx or similar?
Anything else I should consider?
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Apr 26, 2004
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I did a working holiday years ago, so I might still have some useful advice.

1) I did mine for just four months during the summer, so I only brought summer clothes. I still ended up buying a lot of clothes there though. Now that was London, fashion and shopping capital. Your destination will be a bit different. I would pack light and allow for room to buy more once you're there. You'll eventually get bored of your clothes and want to get more.

2) Can't really help you with the camera gear question, as I have a micro 4/3 that is small.

3) As much logical sense as it would be to take everything you think you need with you, in reality it's better to just bring the essentials and buy more stuff once you're there. If you bring everything with you, your suitcase is going to be so heavy.
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Oct 25, 2009
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Bring as little as possible. I ended up leaving a bag behind in the UK. When work doesn't, um, work out, you'll want to be traveling, and that extra bag will be a royal pain. Although it is easy enough to make acquaintances and stash your bag. It might not be at a place you will be going back to.

Shipping is prohibitively expensive.

Only 1 year for New Zealand. ... canadians/

Edit: hmm, says 23 months on our government's web site. ... country=nz
Toronto is a very small part of Canada
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Oct 27, 2009
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About three years ago, I was aware of a European woman working abroad in NZ via someone I knew then. I understood that fresh fruit can be very expensive, so you make need to determine how much budget you need for lodging, food, transportations, clothes, medical or other insurance needs.
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