Nasdaq Index Mutual Fund no dividend payout for 2 years?

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Jun 9, 2013
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Nasdaq Index Mutual Fund no dividend payout for 2 years?

I have a nasdaq index fund from cibc, I havent got any income distribution for 2 years. Is nasdaq supposed to pay dividend? if not how does one make money on it except for selling at higher price?
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May 11, 2014
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Not all funds, especially index funds, pay distributions. Nasdaq index has alot of tech companies that don't have dividends.

Be careful not to call it a dividend as they are different.
Distributions in a mutual fund could also come in the form of returned capital and interest income as well. Return of capital also is effectively just returning your money so doesn't mean much if they are paying this out to you.

If you are focused on growth, I wouldn't worry of whether a fund has distributions or not. If you are looking at income generation though say during retirement, this might not be the right fund for your needs.
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