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Native Advertising in forum posts

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  • Apr 15th, 2017 8:19 am
Deal Addict
Sep 23, 2009
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Native Advertising in forum posts

It's 2017.

Companies obviously want to manage their online presence.

Yellow Pages provides a place for companies to advertise to potential customers via RedFlagDeals.

In my opinion, their are a couple of people who are highly likely paid to post about companies.

Is it time that we remove the veil and give such posters unique titles or provide something that allows other users to know?

Perhaps we can do something as small as adding a "*" after the posters title.

Example, my title is: "Deal Addict"

If I was paid to post, it would indicate "Deal Addict *"

Of course, this would create an unequal playing field as some people are likely paid to post, but not directly by Yellow Pages.

Please note, I do see the purpose and in all honesty some of the promoted topics have lead me to try some unique things.

I do know that Yellow Pages is in the marketing business and obviously they want users to believe that all interactions are genuine.

This is why I suggest the "*" it does not directly say that something is essentially digital marketing, but seasoned posters would understand.

What do others think?

Or is this something that RedFlagDeals/YellowPages wishes to say "No Comment" to?