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Olynyk only gets one game. Wow!
I'm pretty furious about that. If you look at the video, Olynyk clearly locks Love's arm with both hands, then runs the other way. Why keep holding on after the play is over? Dude could have single handedly (pun not intended) screwed up Love's career and he gets a 1 game suspension in the regular season. Meanwhile, JR Smith gets 2 for a slap that resulted in a sprain because Crowder's knee buckled. Just poor decision making by the league and awful officiating by the refs allowing Boston to get away with murder. Did anyone else happen to catch Thomas pushing LeBron while he was out of bounds, resulting in a turnover (right in front of the refs)? Why is that not being talked about more? It's things like that, that cause Cavs fans like myself to think there's an anti-Cleveland agenda. Then I think about the drafts and the multiple #1 picks. But then I think about how none of those #1 picks has resulted in a championship. Needless to say, I have a love/hate relationship with the league and am pretty mad about the position my team is in because of a *****ty Boston team that shouldn't have even made the playoffs in the first place.