NBC's The Good Place - Fall 2016

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Oct 24, 2004
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I like that they put Ted Danson back in his bartender role he was most known for from Cheers.
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Mar 20, 2009
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Some might enjoy this Janet introspection.

Sympathy for Janet on The Good Place -
The show is the latest example of pop culture thinking through whether Siri has a soul.

“I’m not a girl,” Janet, the friendly afterlife robot, tells Jason, her charmingly doltish dead boyfriend, in the second-season finale of The Good Place. “I’m also not just a Janet anymore. I don’t know what I am!”

Indeed. What is Janet, now? Among the twists in the season closer for Michael Schur’s breezily profound NBC sitcom about four imperfect humans navigating heaven and hell was—mild spoiler here—a romantic revelation: The inhuman Janet confessed she loved the human Jason. The sentiment itself wasn’t exactly surprising. The breakthrough was in Janet owning and proactively declaring her feelings—feelings that, it would seem, she shouldn’t be able to have.