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Need advice for printing business stationery.

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  • Oct 30th, 2018 11:12 am
Dec 1, 2012
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Need advice for printing business stationery.

Hi All,

I have been entrusted to run a small business. On opening the bank account, I find the charges for the Cheques, deposit slips and other stationery offered by the the bank to be ridiculous.

Please can you share your recommendations and experiences using other printers you have used. I searched the web and found multiple vendors , but unsure which one to use.

Thanks in advance.
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Feb 7, 2018
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My day job uses Davis and Henderson and have had good things to say about them but they are expensive for cheques as well. There is a company in Calgary that claims they are cheaper but I never used them. QuickBooks also does cheques, not sure what software you use for your accounting/bookkeeping.

Are you going to be writing a lot of cheques?

For stationary, I would use VistaPrint or PrintPlace. That's who I use for general stationary for my company.

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Feb 25, 2007
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I've used VistaPrint for business cards, and also for stationary. Perfectly adequate unless top-notch embossed fancy printing is a priority for your business. (Think about your needs carefully: while I hand out business cards at professional events, the stationary I got has sat untouched since I rarely actually send physical letters, and when I do, I just print letterhead with my document and use somewhat fancier paper. YMMV; maybe the opposite will be true for you).

ASAP Cheques is perfectly decent for cheques, and a lot cheaper than D&H through your bank.