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Need eBook Reader recommendation for Chinese mom

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Oct 16, 2009
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Need eBook Reader recommendation for Chinese mom

Mom loves to read. Loves "everything"; e.g. Sanmao (biographical), Chiung Yao (romance), Chinese classical literature (e.g. Dream of Red Mansions), history, etc. But where she lives, she has NO access to a Chinese bookstore. Figure an eBook reader would be a great gift.
I need your help with this. Looking for the following recommendations:

1) eBook Reader Recommendation
  • Supports Chinese eBooks.
  • e-ink screen? Mom is elderly, her eyes are good but not amazing. Is an e-ink screen "best"? I don't really know anything about screens.
  • Decent battery life.
  • Simple to use and reliable! Mom has NO technical ability.
2) A recommendation for a way for her to get Chinese eBooks
Need some way for her to easily get Chinese eBooks onto the reader. Keep in mind mom can barely work a cell phone, and I live in a different city so can't assist her with it in person. Dad has basic computer skills though (e.g. can write a plain-text note and print it).
  • So need a recommendation for a SIMPLE-EASY online eBook store (done in the reader) or subscription service OR
  • Some other method to load books on her reader?

Thanks in advance!
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Apr 25, 2013
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No Chinese moms read these days ...they all watch Chinese soaps ! ...LoL
The reader are going pretty cheap these days from $50-$100 during Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials.
What kind of file are the e-books in ? I would rather get a cheap tablet instead of these useless readers for the same money.

Seen these for $50 this week at Staples. ... 6-gb-black ... EQB&sr=8-3

If you want a tablet then this the best for under $100 ... 654&sr=8-7
Jun 21, 2009
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I'm guessing most of us that use ereaders know English sources/ebooks.

Amazon Kindle and Kobo sell e-ink readers and have associated stores. You can also use their apps on a phone or tablet if you don't want to buy an ereader.
Check the selection on regional stores to see if they actually sell ebooks you're looking for. I don't know if sells any/much chinese content?

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Jan 21, 2018
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If your mom doesn't do any online shopping, she's not likely to be able to buy and load books on an e-reader or tablet either. Either you or your dad would have to help her. There are Chinese ebooks available as per the links given above by icedtea, and see ... l-chinese/ about Amazon Kindle, but most English-language readers just don't know how good the selection is.

Both Kobo and Kindle use screens from the same supplier, eInk, so there's not really anything to choose between them on that score. Some people like eInk screens, some people prefer a larger backlit tablet like an iPad. You should try your mom on both, maybe on a store visit, and see which she prefers.