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Jan 5, 2014
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Need group therapy


Are there any divorce groups for fathers in the Halton/Peel municipalities?

My ex has been driving me up the wall sideways, and I’m making every attempt to not react in an emotional manner.

Here is an example.

If you find my previous post, she tried to move London (ON), and was ordered to stay and do medarb.

Our separation agreement didn’t specify a holiday schedule.

I proposed swapping weekends; I have him Dec 20-25; she has him 25-31; I have him 1-4; she has him 4-6, and life goes on.

She swapped him 6 times, and the poor kid was on the road for 12 hours, because she said it’s status quo.

On top of that, I offered a few different exchange points, and she flat out said that all exchanges are in Woodstock..... so I’m driving 1400km and spending 14 hours in the car..

He’s had a history of not wanting to go to her, including striking her when transitioning, so I told her I was going to find a therapist.. she gave me consent, and told me I can do so at my own expense.. which I did, and I told her about it.. first session was observational by the therapist, to ascertain how the child interacts with her, and then a one on one with me..

She responded with, “you shouldn't have booked sessions without allowing me to call and speak with them first”.. and then cancelled my one on one, because I was listed under my sons name.

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You need to go to court and get a proper agreement put in place


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