Need help on vehicle tax, Access NS providing conflicting answers....

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  • May 25th, 2016 8:59 pm
May 24, 2016
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Need help on vehicle tax, Access NS providing conflicting answers....

Hi guys I was in a bit confusion today.

I purchased a used vehicle from a dealer in Toronto, and they shipped the vehicle to Halifax through livingston. I was told I need to pay 15% of tax when I registered the vehicle in NS. (The dealer sent me all the documents including apporved Ontario car title)

So I called Access NS agian and they told me exactly the samething over the phone.

So today I take time off the work, went to bank and ordered bank draft. Drive 30 mins to Access NS, guess what?

At the desk the lady told me the bills of sale is wrong because the dealer in Ontario did not charge me any tax.And I have to pay 13% to the dealer in Ontario and then, pay 2% in Nova Scotia. I showed her that on it says

"• If it is a private sale, you will pay the Nova Scotia
Sales Tax when you register the vehicle with the
province. If you purchased the vehicle from an
individual, or from a business that is not required
to collect HST, it is considered to be a private sale"

And she replied "I don't where that came from but my boss told me you HAVE TO PAY tax to Ontario first"

So guys, my question is: Isn't me purchasing a vehicle remotely in NS means I pay Tax to NS since the entire purchase happened in NS?

I contact the dealer and they said they never heard anything like this but they said they can send me a new bills of sale when I shipped the tax payment to them.

So my question is, who do I REALLY pay tax to? Do I pay Ontario 12% first or I pay 15% directly to NS? Thanks guys!!!