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Need tips to shop Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton T-Shirts

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  • May 24th, 2017 3:36 pm
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Feb 27, 2011
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Need tips to shop Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton T-Shirts

I am trying to locate an online retailer selling (at affordable prices) plain (no logo) Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton HD (I believe HD stands for High Density) t-shirts which I can order in bulk (a few dozens).

Apparently, there are numerous "grades" of this t-shirt (despite all being "heavy cotton") with varying quality of the cotton depending on where it was made (in Mexico, Bangladesh, India, China, etc). The problem is that I can't tell which is which. I have worn ones that are made in Mexico (according to the tag) which appear to be the best. By comparison, the ones that are made in Bangladesh are the worst (the fabric is much thinner).

I went to my local Chinatown and browsed through all of the t-shirt stores, but none of them carried Fruit of the Loom any more (instead, they all just carried Gildan). Can someone suggest a few good online stores that are selling the higher quality version of this Heavy Cotton HD t-shirts?
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Dec 9, 2005
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I haven't bought from these places myself. I don't see country of origin anywhere for these products. You could ask them where they come from, maybe they could send a sample. You could see if you can match up a model number to one sold in a store like Walmart to see if it is what you want. ... loom-b6348 ... e-Loom.htm