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need ways to reduce income tax withholding by employer

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  • Feb 27th, 2010 1:11 pm
Mar 3, 2006
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need ways to reduce income tax withholding by employer

For a variety of reasons (tuition credit, RRSP, potential job termination for going back to school, etc), I know that I am going to pay $0 dollar of federal and provincial income tax this year (2010).

Previously (in 2009), I've filled out an TD1 and an TD-ON1 to claim that my deduction amount is higher than my income of the year so that no tax should be deducted from my pay stub. However, I think because my profile salary (annual) is much higher than the deduction amount, a significant amount of federal income tax is still withheld from my biweekly pay stub.

I don't want the government to owe me $15 - 20k (federal tax amount) this year and give me back the money in April 2011. I rather put the money into my TFSA and I will also need the money before April.

Are there any ways I can prevent my employer from withholding income tax?

Here's one thought: When I was a student, I was able to do this because my tuition amount in that year was indeed higher than my income. Although this is not the case now (i'm paying $0 tuition in 2010), I still have a very large amount of tuition credit left over. Can I arbitrarily put a large amount in TD1 and TD-ON1 as tuition paid for this year?

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You're on the right track with listing your deductions, etc. with the TD1 form. For stuff that's not captured on the TD1 form, you use the form here:

T1213 Request to Reduce Tax Deductions at Source for Year(s) _____

There's a field for "other", so I suppose you can even put down that you'll be going back to school, etc.
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Apr 29, 2002
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It's a T1213, you file it in to CRA for Oct/Nov, they get back to you with a ruling in Dec, you submit to your HR dept for Dec/Jan to ensure your income taxes are lower for the next year.