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Locked: New BST Scams To Watch Out For!

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Jun 17, 2013
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New BST Scams To Watch Out For!

This year a few users have been the victim of scams within our Buy Sell Trade section. Please exercise caution and use common sense when using the BST and be especially careful when the transaction takes place entirely online. Positive feedback for the seller/buyer isn't always a guarantee to avoid being scammed.

Avoid non-standard payment methods (Bitcoin, Western Union, etc.)
Almost all transactions are done using e-mail money transfers or Paypal. If the buyer or seller wants to use a non-standard payment type consider that a big red flag.

Avoid deals that are "too good to be true"
No one is going to be selling an Amazon gift card or tickets to a sold out concert for 50% off.

Check the buyers/sellers post history
If they have no recent activity (last post was 1+ year ago) there's a chance it could be a compromised account. Also watch for others accounts replying within the same thread vouching for the seller/buyer (to add to their credibility). Those accounts could also possibly be compromised.

If something doesn't smell right please alert myself or a moderator and we'll be happy to investigate the buyer/seller.
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