New e-test in Ontario

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  • Jan 25th, 2013 1:00 am
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Jul 11, 2006
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New e-test in Ontario

I just got my plate renewal form, and it says starting January 2013 that the test is now done using OBD for cars made after 1998.. interesting.
Wouldn't that make these tests much quicker than they were before? ... 02286.html
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Feb 26, 2004
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So the test stays the same for vehicles 1997 and older?
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Feb 11, 2010
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I've heard your car will fail if the battery has been disconnected for a period of time more than a few hours/days? I'm not sure
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Oct 23, 2008
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Toronto (Markham)
Just another way for the government to milk the public for more money. More failures, more re-tests, more money... and yet the biggest polluters on the road (transport trucks & industrial) get away with black smoke murder.
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Apr 6, 2010
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What a joke this e-test is. I failed 3 times with my 97 sunfire in the past month. 1st test fail, 1000 NO, 2nd test replace O2 sensor and fail 200 NO, 3rd test change oil, plugs and good ol' methyl hydrate, fail 180 NO. This was in Dec. Finally break down and decide to replace the cat, did it myself with aftermarket new cat and 2 step downs for 90. Bring it back to same place and say it better pass now, she asks what kept failing and I say high nitrous oxides and she says "oh don't worry, new tests don't check for that now". The test is slightly different in the sense that it isn't on a dyno now. Just 2 speed, idle and then rev test checking the exhaust gasses. 98 and newer it just communicates with your computer through the obd port. If there is any current problem codes it will fail. Also if you clear the codes or diconnect the battery to clear the codes right before going it will also fail.