New Impaired Driving Laws

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New Impaired Driving Laws

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First off the creation of this thread is to bring this discussion over from the "Distracted Driving" thread found here (jan-1-2019-distracted-driving-fines-ont ... 249425/10/ ), as I feel it should be for ease of anyone researching these threads.

The following news article was the first referenced: ... ts-police/

Secondly I was in error when I posted there is very little change from the old law (s.253 and 254 C.C.C.) In my defence the Federal Justice department (as of this morning) has still not updated the online version of the Criminal Code, even though the new provisions have been in effect since December 18, 2018 (unless there is something they have not told us, as yet Winking Face). Here is the present link to December 12, 2018, but in this link one has to scroll down to "Amendments not in force". Link: Link to "Amendments not in force": ... ifnev.html , scroll down to — 2018, c. 21, s. 12. Incidentally this link covers all amendments to various Criminal Code versions dating back to 2001 but are indicated as not in force. In the past the government has always included amendments within the actual legislation, albeit it would be shaded to show it was not yet in force.

I actually had to go to Bill C-46 ( ... yal-assent ) to find all the amendments and that they are/were slated to come into effect on 2018-12-18.

TLDR: Sections 249 to 261 of the Criminal Code are no longer in force, having been replaced by Part VIII.1 and starting at Section 320.11. The previous time limit of 3 hours has been replaced with a 2 hour time limit, no reasonable grounds required regarding alcohol consumption (although I would think there is still a requirement for "reasonable grounds to believe", in this case the operation of a Motor Vehicle, Vessel, etc.) Inclusion of Drugs, drug/alcohol combination, etc.

Have at it folks, I am only bringing the facts to light, something that IMHO present day journalists, the government and lawyers have yet to do. Even though a simple thing, most people would research the Criminal Code as opposed to the actual Bill passed in legislation.
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