New lease on Audi Q5

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Sep 27, 2009
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New lease on Audi Q5

hey Forum.

I just signed a 4yr lease for an Audi Q5 and will be picking up next week.

They were trying to sell me the maintenance package for $900+ but still undecided if I should go for this package or not.

This is the first time that I'm leasing an Audi and I heard that their maintenances are very high (for ex: an oil change will cost $300+).

Is this correct?

I have owned Toyotas previously and never went back to the dealership for maintenances.

Am I obligated to go back to an Audi dealership for maintenances?

Thanks for your feedback.
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Jul 30, 2007
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You are free to go anywhere to get maintenance done. Just keep your receipt and follow the prescribed maintenance items to be done at the proper interval.

oil change for $300 is usually involves oil change + general inspection of this and that (no servicing or replacing parts, of course). Oil change should be $200 on stand alone item.

If you think Audi is expensive for oil change. Wait til you get a P car. $500 + taxes for oil change and inspection. Astonished Face I am not talking about 911 or 918, btw.
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Feb 24, 2014
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Definitely worth buying. Saves you paying for it later. See if you can work out a deal on the price, however since you already purchased the car it might be a little harder. My previous cars had the prepaid maintenance included for free as part of the purchase price.