Nexguard vs BravEcto for ticks

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Jan 28, 2014
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Nexguard vs BravEcto for ticks

Our vet is now recommending Nexguard as a tick preventative - it is chewable (thankfully - a "treat") and is given monthly rather than every 3 months. Beachdown I know you use BravEcto - have you or anyone else used Nexguard?

Our vet has switched her personal dogs over to Nexguard as have many of the other patients. We went for our dog's physical last weekend.
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Apr 25, 2011
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I think switching over to NextGuard is because it is marketed as a monthly product. This means people may use it with more compliance. Every 3 months people may tend to forget.

It may have slightly higher numbers for flea and tick control as Bravecto drops off slightly after the first month... But all things considered I'd stick with Bravecto. These products are pretty much the same, just marketed differently at use for 1 or 3 months and sold by different companies. They are competing products that do the same thing and vets pretty much have to pick on carrying one or the other.

Bravecto was the first product like this on the market and it still likely holds the most appeal. For monthly products people usually go for Revolution.

Ask yourself if you want to use a product once a month or every three months and you pretty much will have your answer.
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Apr 23, 2009
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Agree with Karala (it happens every now and then!!). I use Bravecto because it's safe for breeding dogs and the three month pill means they only really need one each in the summer. It's also a bit cheaper than Nexguard.
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Jan 28, 2014
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Thanks, Karala and Beachdown. I have a month to decide (due to the size of the boxes of BravEcto I buy it every 3 months).

Re the cost, although BravEcto is supposed to last for 3 months, do not be surprised if in the very near future, it is recommended that pups receive the med every 2 months, which of course would make the cost of Nexgard vs BravEcto about the same...! (I did check this out.)

Nexgard given monthly would be considered a "treat" by our food obsessed dog - as is his chewable Heartgard Plus heartworm treatment.

His blood tests were excellent, except for his thyroid which is hypo - common in older dogs (he is almost 13), but not the point where he would need to be prescribed meds. I found this out last night. Things are bad when I am thinking about a monthly tick treatment chew as a treat. He is lobbying right now for a piece of his "Thinkers" cookies - I gave him a piece yesterday at this time and he has not forgotten - and won't!