Next mini RTW from YVR

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Next mini RTW from YVR

I am thinking about my next mini RTW from YVR. Have 3 done already visiting Asia (TPE, MNL, BKK, KUL, & Tokyo).

From Asia, I have also used my avios to visit KUL, HKG and Hainan Island.

Looking for ideas and sweet spots for using aeroplan when flying out of YVR.

I will consider just about anywhere. Also good if cities have decent Marriott group hotels.

For my 1st 2 trips, I couldn't completely avoid Air Can and their high surcharges.

The last trip, managed to fly with EVA where their fees/taxes are super low.

If going to TPE or MNL, EVA is best airline when using aeroplan.

Any other sweet spots flying out of YVR?

PVG (Shangai) is on bucket list. Air Can has a direct flight from YVR to PVR with about $272 in taxes/fees. Can also take United with layover in SFO so extra ~5 hrs vs direct with Air Can. Taxes/fees are only about $50 if I remember correctly.

Maybe fly out of Seattle. More choices. Use avios from YVR to SEA and SEA to YVR.

Just saw a nice one way flight from SFO to PVG. 2 hr layover in Osaka. Only $17.60 in fees. United from SFO to Osaka and then Juneyao from Osaka to PVG.

Hey I think I am on to something. Juneyao just started their PVG to HEL flight. PVG to HEL ONLY $17.20 in fees!! Wow.

Never checked Juneyao until now. OK, now where to after HEL?

Here is guide to which airline has high fees: ... an-awards/

Then maybe HEL to LIS on TAP. Fee is only $21.80.

Bingo, there is a direct TAP flight from LIS to SFO with only $63.70 in fee.

Checking alaska air flights between YVR and SFO shows a decent selection so I can use my avios.

Hey I think I found my next mini RTW trip. Just have to make sure MPM won't be problem.
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Agree BR is a great airline to fly with, and no scamcharges.

Going to Sydney or Perth will give you high MPMs to work with. I just booked one YYZ-TPE-BKK-SGN-SIN-SYD on the way to Sydney.

If flying Europe, you already know to avoid AC. We've flown SN and TK, both good airlines without the AC scamcharges.
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Jul 24, 2003
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Speedy1 wrote: Hey I think I found my next mini RTW trip.
what was the question again?