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next year Vancouver will get its first Walmart Store as Costco is moving out.

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  • May 18th, 2008 1:24 am
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Jun 1, 2006
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Big Brother wrote:
May 17th, 2008 5:45 pm
Isnt this how it works in small towns:

Walmart appears. Low prices attracts customers that would normally shop in small stores. Small stores die. Jobs lost, etc and half of the town eventually works in walmart. Walmart owns the town. Since walmart employees are not unionized, they get wage cuts.

I dont see how this can happen in large cities. To those people who live in large cities with walmarts, how did it affect your city?
Yes, that is what said in my above post. Large cities have a lot of alternatives to choose from, whereas small towns may have only one supermarket and a few small hardware and clothing stores. Once a Walmart moves in, the smaller stores will not be able to compete price wise. But small businesses can succeed if they have a niche market, a specialization, or a service, ie. something Walmart that does not carry or do. For example, barber shops, beauty salon, restaurants, theatres will continue to operate and possibly benefit because of increased traffic from nearby towns.

The protests in Vancouver are arguing from a neighbourhood perspective. They claim their neighbourhood will be detrimentally affected. But how?
They said the Marine Location will draw more traffic. But that area is almost like a highway anyways with cars zooming past almost 24 hrs a day. It is not like it is a quiet residential street. If not a Walmart, what else, maybe a casino, social housing, drug injection site? The alternatives may be worst!

The fallacy of the protestor's arguments is proven with the Home Depot on Terminal Ave. Opponents of the Big Box stores like Home Depot said the it will kill local hardware stores like the Home Hardware on Commercial Drive.
Not at all, the Home Hardware is still there and doing great business because it served the needs of local residents. They don't have the selection of Home Depot but they have great service.
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Apr 4, 2003
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I remember less than a decade ago there were no Tim Hortons in Vancouver proper yet Robson Street had the largest concentration of Starbucks in the world.