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May 9, 2006
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mpniak wrote: So it is the day of the NFL Schedule release! Always an exciting day for me as I start to make plans for potential trips to see my beloved San Francisco 49ers play live.
So far, I have visited the stadiums in: Miami, Tampa Bay, Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland, New York, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Washington and of course, San Francisco.
This year Ill be likely choosing between road trips to Los Angeles, Arizona, Kansas City or Green Bay.

But the real question I am faced with this year, is how I will be watching them from the comfort of my own home. Last year I had DAZN and it was just a poor overall experience for me and others I spoke to. I heard about a couple of providers getting the broadcast rights back but I cannot find any information regarding this up coming season.
I have looked at both Rogers and Bell in regards to their "super sports packs" and neither of them list NFL Sunday ticket as one of their offerings.

I am moving on May 1 and would ideally like to subscribe to a service provider that will have the Sunday ticket if its available at all...
If there is no Sunday ticket and DAZN is the only option, then so be it. But if there will be an option, I would prefer to know now!
Anybody have any news regarding this?
NFL Sunday Ticket was supposed to come back for the 2018 season. You should call Bell or Roger directly. Maybe it's there, but just not advertised. I would guess they would wait until late summer before they really start promoting it. The 49ers got 5 primetime games, so at the very least there's that.

As for road trips... Don't know if you're looking for advise, but I would skip LA and pick from the other 3. Both Green Bay and KC will be electric with their fans. Arizona will be fun because it's a somewhat new stadium. LA's new stadium won't be ready for 2 more years. I would wait for that. Given the choices, I would pick KC based on how little these teams play each other. 49ers only go there once every 8 years. Travelling to Green Bay happen at least once every 6 years with added games if both the 49ers and Packers finish in the same place in their respective divisions. And Arizona & LA happen every year.
Jun 24, 2008
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Mississauga, ON
KC is definetly at the top of my list... but not sure how the wife feels about it! Gonna work on that lol
She would probably prefer the Arz game since it is approaching winter time and would be nice to catch some rays before the cold settles in!

I was instore at Bell and the guy there could only confirm Sunday ticket being available in Atlantic provinces. His guess was that they are still working out the licensing terms.
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May 9, 2006
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https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/ ... falo-bills

This is some serious accusations against Shady. The victim (ex-girlfriend who lives in one of Shady's homes) was assault and robbed in her home. The lawyer suggests that Shady hired someone to invade and attack her as he is trying to evict her from that home and recover jewelry he gave her (which was precisely what the perp was after with no signs of forced entry). There are also allegations that he beat his son and dog and took steroids.

This is not good looking for Shady. But I'll hold out any judgement until the investigation is complete. Shady is one of my favorite RBs in the league right now.
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Aug 11, 2008
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416 REAL T-D0T not 9…
Just got confirmation from Bell that Sunday Ticket will be available this season. No longer stuck with dazn.
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Oct 26, 2003
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WRT Rogers:
Good news! For the 2018 season, DAZN decided to partner with cable companies to give fans other options to watch the games. Starting September 1, 2018, you can start ordering NFL Sunday Ticket from us.

It will only be available as a standalone package for $199.99 for the entire season. You can order the package at anytime during the season for the full price of $199.99. Access to DAZN online is not included at this time.

This year’s season starts September 9. NFL Sunday Ticket will be available for ordering on both Digital TV and Ignite TV platforms. We’ll have more information for you as we get closer to the start of the season.
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I'm still going with Dazn for now because it wasn't bad for me, I'm planning on dropping cable altogether, and it has RedZone.
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May 9, 2006
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Last night, I was using a vpn so I could stream the preseason games... why is it free in UK, Germany and Mexico, but not Canada? The connection kept cutting in and out for me. Granted, that probably has more to do with the vpn, but that potato quality is why I haven't gotten DAZN yet.

I'm not cutting my cable just yet.... Bell offered me a new deal that was way too good to pass up. So I'll get all the Patriot games, which should keep me happy for the most part.
Jul 6, 2009
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I hope my Eagles repeat their unlikely Superbowl win of last year, but I doubt we will. What a great surprise last year it was though. Amazing!
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Aug 21, 2018
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We've already had some major injuries in the pre-season with Mackinnon from the VIkings and Lee from the Jaguars. Ouch. But regular season starts this Thursday!

Also, if anyone would like in for a Yahoo Fantasy Football League, I still have 2 spots available. DM me if interested in joining. Our draft is today at 1pm.