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Nintendo suing rom sites.... futile and a sign they are hurting.

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  • Aug 23rd, 2018 4:27 pm
Sep 28, 2017
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Nintendo suing rom sites.... futile and a sign they are hurting.

so it was just posted that emuparadise has decided on their own to stop the roms. after nintendo went after loveroms and in effect shut them down they have now turned to other big name sites to stop the sharing of their roms.

to me this is just another sign nintendo is hurting and lashing out at gamers like a snotty kid taking their ball home because nobody picks them. this also seems a little fishy popping up just after reports of people's switches cracking from overheating and shares dropping. seems like investors are either driving this move or nintendo thinking a move like this is going to ease the pain of investors climbing up their azz about money loss.

you don't see sega, sony (to a certain extent), or any other once thriving company or thriving company pulling this move. in fact sega actually promotes homebrews and there is proof of this (google is your friend) and developers who have worked on sega titles actually team up with a homebrewer to help them make an awesome game. of course no profits are to be made as they can't sell an item based on a companies trademark, but any other company (once again i wouldn't say sony and to the most part microsoft) isn't on a witch hunt like nintendo always is.

RGB85 had some good points saying that roms help to keep a title alive historically. and nintendo has started to pull back with the vitual games so how is a fan of the older games supposed to play them ? especially when certain games now demand a huge price. what's the point of stopping roms if you own the rights yet don't offer them on your own e-shop or going to release them on future classic editions ? and why not go after the companies that develop systems to play older roms and use peripherals from those older vintage systems ? if you have nothing to play the roms on wouldn't that slow the sharing/downloading or make it dry up ?

all this is going to do is hurt their reputation (not that they have much of one anymore, they hardly ever listen to what the consumer wants. and they always release hot items in such low quantities that it sparks a hoarders price spike.... something they don't benefit from lol). the only nintendo products i have these days are a wii (and yes i hacked it to run everything nintendo it can run or else it wouldn't be worth it to me) and one of the classic edition NES units (and yes i hacked it as well for the same purpose).

i had a switch when it originally dropped, but was not impressed and sold it off to get the xbox one x. one thing nintendo forgets is that once something is on the internet it's permanently there and extremely hard to slow or stop. for every loveroms they successfully shut down 3 smaller sites will pop up, and don't forget torrents and those all in one complete setups for retro pi and hyperspin. the funny thing about this is that someone at ninendo knew the classic edition would be hacked and left a message for the hacker to at least please keep it uniform with how it looks. but even now that has gone out the window as i'm seeing more and more theme hacks for it.

i dunno, it makes me lose respect for a company that pulls stunts like this thinking it's going to help them, when in fact it only drives fans away. i'm not talking about the average consumer that has no idea of roms or hacking systems to get your investments worth and being able to extend the life of your system. i'm talking about fellow gamers who use retrons, hyperkin and retro-bit systems.

just thought i would vent a bit at how stupid nintendo is. i'm here till sunday.....
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Jan 1, 2013
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I agree with them. Its their products and games being illegally distributed.

But at the same time, I agree they are hurting. It comes down to their pricing. I got a Switch for my daughter on her birthday. The pricing of the games and accessories are ridiculous for what it is. $80 for Mario Tennis? $100 for a joycon? 3rd party accessories bricking the console? I think they need to look at their pricing strategy if they want to drive more sales because it will die off after the hype is over.
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Feb 11, 2007
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Nintendo is doing better than the XBox games division.
It is within their legal right to try to shut down rom / torrent sites since they do own the rights to a lot of their own Nintendo first party games on there.

It's a business, just like any other business, not a welfarist company.

If there is anything on there that you want you should probably download it in case it shuts down.
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Aug 20, 2009
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Nintendo is doing very well financially so I think you're wrong about that. As an enthusiast I'm not thrilled with their stance when it comes to abandonware, I've dabbled a bit on plugin work for an open source emulator. I would also note that it affects a lot of romhacks as well. I don't think there was really any lost revenue over ancient games. The SNES Classic is a perfect example that illustrates people will pay for convenience over piracy every time. Sure you can hookup a raspberry pi and install whatever you want for free but most people will not bother. They will buy the official Nintendo product that they plugin to their TV and looks like the one from their childhood.

I get the business side of it though, copyrights have to be actively defended otherwise they are easier to legally challenge.

On the other hand some of these sites were offering 3ds/Wii/etc games which is really offside IMO.
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Nov 22, 2015
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Fact remains that Nintendo is one of the greatest companies in history and the video game industry wouldn't exist in its current form without their innovations over the years. Competition is always a good thing.... without Nintendo, all we'd have is year after year of Call of Duty, Halo, or whatever generic console shooter people are playing these days.
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Aug 21, 2011
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Nintendo is going after rom sites not per say out of the direct financial aspect but doing so because they have to defend their IP. If they don't defend it they can risk losing it in certain countries.
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Jul 14, 2010
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How is it futile? Several of the largest rom repositories have completely removed content for Nintendo systems or shut down outright. Nintendo hadn't even contacted a few of them, they did it proactively after seeing how aggressively Nintendo was pursuing litigation against other sites - seems pretty effective.

They're also doing very well financially. They just did a quarterly earnings report two weeks ago and investor confidence is high - their stock jumped 7% as soon as the call ended.
Kkhan15 wrote:
Aug 9th, 2018 12:47 pm
it will die off after the hype is over.
At this point the "hype" has lasted 17 months. I think it's time to stop thinking of the platforms success as some sort of bubble.
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Nov 4, 2008
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Richmond Hill
I don't disagree with the legalities, but I wish they'd only take down the ROMs of the games that are currently available for purchase. If Nintendo isn't selling a game, then (imo) there's no harm done in having the ROM available; taking it down just feels like a piece of history is being erased.
When given enough time, all threads on RFD can and will go off on a tangent.
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Feb 4, 2008
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pets hard-drive.
think first, buy later.
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Aug 12, 2006
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msz87 wrote:
Aug 10th, 2018 7:54 pm
pets hard-drive.
My precious.
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Oct 23, 2003
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Nintendo hardcore re-sells old title compared to Sony or MS, so they're trying to erase that "free retro gaming" market so they can charge people $5-10 for those titles.

It might also have to do with their Nintendo online service coming up. Not sure if they're planning to stream old games like Sony is with PS Now.
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Jul 14, 2010
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They're not streaming the games, but the online service does include classic games.
Sep 28, 2017
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i dunno.... a large part of it is gaming preservation. where nintendo will only do it for money and only then what they have rights or licenses to, a gamer wants them for historical reasons. sure it's a form of piracy (you are legally allowed to have a rom of a game you own, same as a dvd or cd and vhs). nintendo is going one step further and also including ALL games that appeared on the NES, SNES and so forth, but they don't have rights to the games they didn't create... and to me feels like they are doing it to secure rights to it at a later date by doing the holders a "favor".

if they were to successfully do away with roms then a large majority of vintage era games would cease to exist. with nintendo only putting out what they feel we want (a case proven to be the opposite, not to mention they don't listen to the consumer and only their shareholders so where money could be made, these stuffy old people who don't game have no clue about the gaming industry shove this nonsense to us instead).

and i can pretty much promise you that when their online service finally is up and running about 80% of the nes and snes games they are trying to rom block won't appear. they only want to stop the sharing so you have to double/triple dip at a minimum of $5 a pop. what should be happening is the true owners of the games have actual say in what they would like.... nintendo should only be having say in their titles. sunsoft, hudson soft, square, konami, etc. has say in their IP's...

nintendo is leading a charge on a futile movement... as it was stated, they should have jumped on it 20 years ago when roms started to gain momentum rather than now when typing in roms to google brings up 60-70 sites. i know some of you disagree... but i think you are only looking at the small picture and not the future of preservation and the legal rights of the consumer. sure nintendo owns the rights to THEIR games, but at the same time YOU have a legal right to have a rom of the games you own for backup purposes and they can't take that away from you.

if i had more than a few expensive carts, i'm not about to diminish their value by putting extra wear and tear on them when i can easily fire up retroarch or my rasp pi and play it on there. also, nintendo may have re-newed the gaming industry back in the 80's... but there was also sega and a few others that helped boost it. it wasn't nintendo alone.... the fanboys need to stop. without sega, nec and colecovision there would have only been nintendo and it wouldn't have lasted till now and most likely would have died out in the mid 90's if that.
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Oct 23, 2004
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peytonpeanut2017 wrote:
Aug 15th, 2018 1:09 pm
if they were to successfully do away with roms then a large majority of vintage era games would cease to exist.
Your entire argument seems hinged on this belief that roms will cease to exist which I assure you will never happen. Nintendo is only suing and shutting down a handful of websites which make piracy too easy for casuals and they'll make some easy money from the settlement while everyone else will continue to access and play these games through the usual avenues. Everyone wins and nothing really changes. Casual piracy sites get shut down and sued all the time so this is hardly news.


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