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Mar 26, 2013
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Northern BC

Anyone have any experience working in Northern BC. is the money worth it to work up there?
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Deal Addict
Nov 2, 2013
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Edmonton, AB
It's mostly trades/oilfield/natural gas up there. A lot of work relating to the Site C dam they are building. For most people in that they're happy to make 75-100K nowadays, some even a bit lower. Fully ticketed, experienced tradespeople can exceed that obviously, though with the abundance of cheap labour across the country nowadays it'll be harder than before.

For Fort St. John, housing is expensive being an oilfield town. I had one job offer that offered me an additional $1000/month tax free living allowance if I was willing to go up there- hints the living cost differential. Then you have the usual characteristics of such- overflow of lonely men running around with few women, and the few are difficult to trust. Lots of hookers and drugs. Few amenities in comparison to your usual cities. Mostly a work town. Word on the street is it's a "Rig Pig" town so a lot of the people up there are not the best. Nevertheless if you keep your head down, work hard, and have strong ambitions, those aspects won't bring you down.

My old supervisor quit to work up there to haul water, gets 700/day through the union- though that's on the upper end and union work can be very shaky. I thought about going there myself as I could easily find work, but have a home here in Edmonton now and go to school part of the year. I'm very busy with lots of work, just am looking for more dollars.
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Feb 16, 2013
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How much does a ticketed ICI electrician make?
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Nov 10, 2015
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Monte Creek, BC
What do you consider Northern BC?
Some people thing Prince George is northern, but it's only half way up the province.
Fort Nelson is true northern.
Anyone But Justin 2019
Nov 13, 2015
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Pitt Meadows, BC
If you want to work in a remote northern community, why not Whitehorse or Yellowknife? They are bigger cities than what you're looking at, you'll probably get better opportunities and because they are territorial capitals, they do have better access (flights).

Also Quesnel is south of Prince George, which never gets considered part of "northern BC."
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