Nursing BScN Georgian/York Collab - York U requirements

May 12, 2018
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Nursing BScN Georgian/York Collab - York U requirements

Hi all,

I am a mature student (29 y/o) that has been recently offered a spot in Georgian's 4 year BScN program collab. with York U. I have a prior BSc from U of Waterloo way back in 2011. I'm very thrilled to be accepted into the program, but my concern are the admission requirements for York after I do my first two years in Georgian. My GPA from UWaterloo is absolute crap (i.e. barely passed to get the degree) and I am worried it will factor in my application for York to finish off the nursing program. I have already worked several years in a healthcare setting and I am hoping to get a fresh start by enrolling in this program. Is there anyone from Georgian-Seneca-York BScN program that can offer some insight regarding if York will only look at your nursing school grades? Or will they take all prior postsecondary grades into account?

Thank you in advance!