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[OFFICIAL] Cycling thread for commuters and the casual enthusiast

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  • Oct 11th, 2017 11:36 am
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rockthecasbah wrote:
Sep 10th, 2017 9:08 pm
Ya apparently the Urban with the spokeless wheels is over 50 lbs. But after I asked about whether I could easily roll it (since carrying a 50 lb seems difficult) it, they told me the new version will be back to normal spokes and should be 5 lbs less (or about the same weight as previous Urbans).
I think the only fairly light ebike of decent price is the Populos Sport which is 36 lbs and maybe the EasyGo Race.
My wife's Trek/Bionx ebike weighs around 45 pounds and it's basically impossible to carry. The only way to move it any distance without rolling it is to remove the battery and put it in a knapsack and then have some kind of strap on the frame so you can carry it on your shoulder. I already have enough trouble just lifting the thing onto my hitch bike rack. ebikes are great for covering distance but they are only great if you have somewhere you can roll it to for parking it. I just don't ever see the usefulness of a folding ebike that can't be rolled when folded.

If I ever have a ton of money to burn (i.e.. I'd estimate $4K or more), I'd would get a Brompton Electric when it is available in Canada. 36 pounds with battery and the battery is designed to be carried on your back and the bike has the same compact fold Bromptons are known for. Of course, you can still roll it easily like all bromptons.


When/If Revelo offers their LIFT bike with electric kit, then that's where I'd be looking. It's already light and I'm sure a battery version would rival the Brompton Electric's weight.
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