Old Lexus - Please Educate Me

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Sep 3, 2017
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Old Lexus - Please Educate Me

Have a 05 Lexus RX330 with 120,000km
They all say Lexus/Toyota lasts forever if you treat it well
What can I say, for the most part, I believe that's right.
For the past 5 years, I spend on average $1000 on maintenance and fix

This year took a sharp turn and already spent $4,000 on it already.
Most recent repair was a starter replacement, totally cost $1,100.
I do all my service and maintenance at a dealership.

Should I get out and find independent repair shop?? I feel like I'm being ripped. How much does it take to replace a starter on similar Lexus models, including labor?
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Nov 17, 2004
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A rebuilt starter might run you about $200 and labor, about an hour on the 3mz-fe at an Indy shop. It’s pretty easy to replace once the intakebox and hose is removed.

So yes, you should look for an Indy shop. Or, learn how to fix the car yourself. Then Toyotas really last forever, and rust is your biggest enemy.
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Aug 22, 2011
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Don't simply find any shop, but one that is reputable (recommended by someone that you know) and at the same time doesn't charge similar rates as stealerships do.
My go to shop has raised his rates to $125/hr and I'm only going to him if absolutely required.
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Aug 3, 2014
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At that vehicle's age, maintaining it at the dealership will get costly. Some components, such as the suspension or timing belt (if you haven't already) will need to be replaced, and it would be outrageous to go to the dealership. Find an independent shop or learn to do it yourself.

A $1,100 starter job is very expensive! It shouldn't be more than $300 including labor, since that starter is shared across many Toyota products.
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