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Old memory & video cards

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May 24, 2004
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Old memory & video cards


I have the following very old stuff to get rid of. All of that stuff, I've never tested, but it's all from system pulls at some point in time, so I'd assume most works fine.

Video Cards
3 x Nvidia quadro 2000 (2 DisplayPort, 1 DVI)
ATI Firepro V4800 (2 DisplayPort, 1 DVI)
Pinnacle System Firewire PCI card, 2 external ports, 1 internal port
OEM Firewire PCI card, 3 external ports, 1 internal port

Micron 32mb
Siemens 64mb
Micron 64mb pc133
2 x Spectek 128mb pc133samsung 128mb pc133
2 x Micron 256mb pc133
Infineon 256mb pc133
Micron 512mb pc133
Oem 512mb pc133

DDR & DDR2 (don't quite know which is which anymore)
Micron 256mb ddr266
Micron 256mb ddr400
infineon 256mb ddr400
infineon 512mb ddr400
GB Micro 256mb pc3200
Infineon 256mb pc3200
Samsung 256mb pc3200
2 x Hynix 512mb pc3200
Samsung Ultra 512mb pc3200
Kingston 512Mb pc3200
Kingston 1GB pc3200

2 x hynix 256mb pc2100 DDR 266mhz

Grab it all from me Downtown Toronto (Scotia Plaza) or in Richmond Hill around Highway 7 & Bayview.

Going to the garbage in 2 weeks if not all gone.


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