Is an online Masters degree from University of London useless?

Apr 10, 2017
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East York, ON

Is an online Masters degree from University of London useless?

I'm thinking of taking Masters degree from University of London, the online version since I can't fly to UK. Would employers find a masters degree that was completed online to be less valued than an in-campus masters degree? or does it not matter? I need to do it online, so that I can still keep my job (which is related to my field) and study on the side.

Also unlike some other online universities, this one has an actual campus, in the UK tho.
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May 11, 2017
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How would they know it's online? If it's a reputable university that exists in outside of only offering online courses they won't know unless you put 'ONLINE' on your resume
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Oct 20, 2002
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What's the program and actual college name? University is just a group the college belongs to. Those that know will probably ask. Also, everyone I know that graduated from a University of London college only refers to the college they graduated from. For example, if I'm from London School of Economics, you won't hear them say they graduated from university of london. I graduated from one of those colleges.

To most people here in Canada, probably no difference really. Just providing a different perspective just in case.

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