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Ontario rental rules

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Aug 16, 2011
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hagbard wrote: As I've said before here, we're being evicted from the house we've been renting for 11 years so the "owner can move in". Not happy with the housing options around here, next to no house rentals and the houses for sale are overpriced crap. We've got a month left before we have to get out and are considering buying one of these crappy houses to hold us over then renting it out when we find something better (pref. not around here).

Now here's my question, can I lease it out for a year, then demand they sign another lease for the next year (or find other tenants) or is that against the rules? I just don't want problem tenants in my property and not be able to get rid of them. Seems Landlord/Tenant law in Ontario is rather unbalanced.
Are you suspicious that "owner can move in" is not true? I mean they told you way at the beginning 11 years ago they are looking to retire and move in to the house... if they are really skewing the rules, wouldn't they have done it already and not wait a whole decade?

I don't know about buying a crappy house unless you can be sure its an area you can easily find tenants... If you have to put in like 200k to make it livable... i don't know. That's a lot of money to hold out.