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Ontario Utlity Savings Scam!

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Nov 15, 2015
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North York, ON

Ontario Utlity Savings Scam!

You will not save money on a rental furnace!! Asian door knocker tried to scam me into signing a contract that would COST me $69.99 per month in the first year only which increases every single year! They also target poorer neighborhoods under the notion that the homeowners are stupider in these areas. There is no energy savings from gas or hydro! He asked to see my enbridge bill and tried to explain to me that it's no extra cost. Read the FINE PRINT! Everyone that rents a furnace pays over $8500 over 10 years and you can't get out of the contract!! SCAM SCAM SCAM! Avoid Utility Savings!!
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Nov 2, 2015
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Barrie, ON
Well if you're switching to ECM and 2 stage gas valve there are savings there, just not $69.99 worth. Keep in mind the rental program also takes care of all maintenance and repair charges and does a cleaning and tune up annually with no charge. Your filters are also replaced and the homeowner receives the rebate. I don't know, I'm not entirely against rental if you can get a better deal than $69.99, and I know a few companies have some perks (Obviously avoid door knockers).

Also a lot of people can't afford to up front 3-5k for new equipment and are offered 12 months no payments with a 7 year contract and buyout at anytime with straight line depreciation. I mean it's still not ideal but it's helpful for a lot of people. Options Options Options everybody. Also never go with a company who only rents. Purchase, rental, financing companies are the ones that will take care of you, no matter the budget.
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Aug 2, 2001
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Some people cannot afford the thousands it will cost for a new furnace to be installed, let alone if a repair arises (as they most likely are not getting the $200 yearly service call to maintain their full parts/labour warranty if they can not afford the furnace). These people are not stupid, they just need a furnace and cannot afford one.
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Feb 22, 2012
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Nov 16th, 2015
North York, ON

Guess there's no point in replying to this thread then.....