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Jan 8, 2004
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might wanna look at lexan window film, but that stuff is quite expensive :) It saved my work from a couple of breakins.
Aug 5, 2004
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I didn't bar my store, but after some suspicious people walked in and browsed around for a short while... we felt we need some visual deterrant.

We don't have much in the store and everything is supposed to be covered by insurance, but we really don't want to receive some phone call at night from the alarm company and deal with it when indeed something happens.

We installed some folding metal gates. I worry about that it might ruin the appearance of the store front and thought of asking my mom to sew some cover (that would match with the decor) for the folded up gate.

Indeed, once it's folded up, nobody, not even our landlord noticed it until we pointed it out. Our regular customers and neighbouring store owners didn't notice it neither.
Dec 28, 2002
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Our store is now open (in case anyone wants to visit) at 407 Columbia St. New Westminster BC.