The OSAP Restriction Thread

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Feb 9, 2018
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Hoping that someone can help . I received osap 2015 and 2016 . I plan on returning to school in fall 2017 so at that time oh sap verify my income from the previous . My income was a total of $22,353 . Shortly there after during my first semester I received a letter stating that I had a huge income Variance. I begin gathering the data reviewing my financials from the previous year . I’m a single mother of four children The government gives you a universal child tax benefit which in my case was 2000 apparently get added into my income . My union at work was in negotiations for a pay raise for years worked prior and it came through so I received $2000 from that in back wages. I worked extra hours at work before Christmas and never thought I would be penalized . I was informed by my financial aid office at my college that if you make over $16,800 and you don’t report to Osaka that they consider this a variance .

I sent in all my paperwork explaining everything and their decision came back that my income variance was actually $27,780 . Which completely shocked me considering my income tax from revenue Canada totals $22,353. They added totals from prior to me starting school which makes no sense. Is this worth appealing and fighting.

I’m not interested in receiving osap in the future as I was informed during this process that I could’ve applied to my native band for funding .

I’m besides myself about is the fact that I now have to pay first semester of college every single penny back because now I’m not eligible for bursaries even tho I received an 80 in every single class .As well as any bursaries that I would’ve stand to receive for my previous year have been revoked as well . Anyone with some advice out there.