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  • Feb 28th, 2011 12:38 pm
Mar 17, 2004
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Thought I'd provide an update.....Paypal finally gave their decision and said I would get a full refund once I shipped the item back. With packaging and tracking etc, that would be more than the item is worth, so I called my credit card company. The person I talked to sounded reluctant to get involved since the amount was so little. But since the ebay seller origionally agreed to give me a partial refund, the credit card company agreed to refund me the difference. She agreed that I shouldn`t need to pay anything since the company`s return ploicy said they would provide a refund it the item was wrong, damaged or missing.

This has been very educational. It wasn`t a lot of money but it was interesting to see how things worked out. Thanks to all who responded with advice.