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Peel and stick groutable tile questions for room with floor drain

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  • Jan 14th, 2019 10:52 am
Nov 23, 2004
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Peel and stick groutable tile questions for room with floor drain

I'm a bit out of my element and looking at doing my first floor. It's a basement level laundry/utility room, current floor is 12x12 peel and stick tiles from what looks like several decades ago (but they've stuck and held perfectly - they're just very dated, faded, etc.). The room has a floor drain in the middle, and thus a slight grade towards the drain from all sides (this has ruled out any rigid or plank type flooring from the equation).

I've picked up some of these while on sale https://www.lowes.ca/vinyl-flooring/sta ... 01217.html

The grade of the floor still has me slightly concerned, but maybe I'm worrying about nothing. Has anyone used this type of tile? I understand I need to floor prime before using, but lots of people mention also using a vinyl tile adhesive on the floor in addition to the peel and stick, should I do this to be safe due to my grade? Or should I be ditching this and getting the thinnest and most flexible peel and stick I can find (at the sacrifice of not quite as nice looking of a floor then)? These Stainmaster ones definitely have some flex to them and I can hold them over the grade with my hands just fine but I'm worried that the subtle flex would cause them to pop up. They're a few mm thick and feel a bit more premium than the super cheap and flexible 12x12 stuff.

The install guide says not to install on below grade concrete, so I'm leaning towards priming + installing over the existing tile. Or am I find to remove the old tile, prime the floor, (add glue???) and install?

Not too sure where to go and don't want to blow all my time and have a disaster when maybe some extra steps upfront would better futureproof the floor for me. It is just a laundry and utility room after all, but I'd still like to last a very long time and look better than just concrete or 80's peel and stick.