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Per Diem for Travelling - Incorporated

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Sep 11, 2017
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Per Diem for Travelling - Incorporated

Hello All,

I have a consulting practice that often takes me to the US to meet/work with clients. For simplicity sake, I would like my consulting practice (incorporated) to provide me with a per diem for meals. It would save on the receipts. Does anyone have any experience with paying themselves a per diem when travelling and if so, how much do you allot per day? Does the CRA have a limit of how much the per diem can be or is it discretionary (within reason of course). This is not for entertaining clients, the per diem would just cover myself for food each day.

I will be asking my accountant but wanted to also post here and see what others do.

Thank You
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May 16, 2005
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Well the question is will you be billing back the per Diem expenses back to the client? That would be more your concern to negotiate with your client on what the rates should be.

If your travels are to the US, follow the US government's per diem rate per state.



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