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Personal Finance / Budget App Question

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  • Jul 31st, 2016 6:09 pm
Jul 30, 2016
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Personal Finance / Budget App Question

I have experimented with a few home finance/budget apps but I'm having trouble finding one to fit my situation.

I love that the Mint app can connect to bank accounts and pull data on transactions. The limitation is in its calculation of real time net worth. There are 3 barriers to my net worth being displayed correctly:

1) My partner's individual credit card is pulled into the app along with all my other RBC accounts. I don't pay on this credit card. She is responsible for it and as such I'd rather this account wasn't used to calculate my net worth.

2) We have a joint credit card together. All joint purchases are put on this card and we each pay 1/2 the balance each month. As such I'd like the app to half the owing balance in calculating my net worth.

3) We have a joint chequing account together. All joint bills are payed from this account and we each own half of the money in this account at any given time. As such I'd like the app to half the chequing balance in calculating my net worth.

I'm not stuck on the mint app. Any that fit my needs and are secure are just fine. I do realize that there are apps out there that allow manual entry of all personal finance data. If I have to go that route to eliminate issues 1-3 I will but that is a pain in the ass. I really like that the modern apps have the ability to pull real time banking info and it would be a shame if they have this capibility but are unable to divide by 2.