First of all I'd like to thank the folks at NCIX and Redflagdeals for making this lovely contest available to us all. Secondly I'll show you mine in the hopes that NCIX will smile on me.

First up: The massive silver obelisk known as the Antec P180

Second: Enough space to last me a good six months with my camera, a Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 160GB hard drive

Third: A real beast of a video card, the BFG Geforce 7800GT

Fourth: For when I want to watch a movie or back up my hard drive, an NEC ND-3540A DVD-RW drive

Fifth: I just wanted this because it looked like so much fun, an RPM Sports Powerball gyro

And the last one up: Powering this whole bunch and more, the Antec Truepower II 480w power supply

All itemized:
P180: $163.23
Barracuda: $117.52
7800GT: $463.30
NEC: $59.34
Powerball: $29.06
Truepower II: $93.07
Shipping by Canada Post: $63.98

For a grand total of $989.50